Moshi Monsters Series 9 Reveal – Day 1

I am a Moshi Monster Official Blogger but I would have to say that the title should actually go to my daughter Jadyn, because though I blog about it, she is the one who enjoys playing with the characters and gives me feedback on what she does or doesn’t like.

Needless to say that when I told her that we were getting first glimpse into Moshi Monsters Series 9, she was over the moon. And naturally, we were all caught up in the excitement.

Series 9 countdown logo

How does this relate to my blog? Well, its a kind of peek-a-boo that we will be playing for the next 16 days where I will be revealing a brand new Moshling right here on my blog.

I have to let you know without spilling the Moshlings…er beans, that they are all super cute and we are happy to have them join our other Moshlings at home. They are a bit shy but I am sure that they will soon be creating mayhem with my 3 monsters. 🙂

Today it’s  Day 1 – let me introduce you to




Name and Species

Willow the Dainty Deer

Personality: Chilled, fragile, wary.

Mini Bio

Incredibly cute, Dainty Deers love scampering around in the snow and playing snowflake hoopla using their miraculous refrigerated antlers. But life hasn’t always been such fun because these lovable Moshlings were once used to pull heavy, Rox laden sledges from the Twinkly-Dink Mines.

Habitat: In the wintry wonderland around the foothills of Sillimanjaro, or in the windows of Horrods at Twistmastime.

Likes: Collecting snowflakes and figure skating.

Dislikes: Red noses and white beards.

Rank: 160

Rarity: Ultra Rare


What we love about Willow

Jadyn loves this little deer and I have to admit that it is quite ‘endeering’.  To have an ultra rare Moshling at home is a rare treat indeed and we are enjoying playing with her. Yes, unfortunately I can help being caught up in the excitement.

The series will be available in stores from 14 February so you can spread some Moshling love. Come back and visit tomorrow for the next Moshling reveal.

And I am not going to enjoy the fun all alone. Below you will find silhouettes of the Moshlings I am revealing. Try and find which one it is and leave a comment below to let me know which one it is – e.g. top left, third from right etc. 🙂

Series 9 Silhouettes

 Disclosure: I was provided with the Moshi Monsters Series 9 and images to write up the posts. All ideas and opinions are my own and that of my children.

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