Moshi Monsters Series 11 – The Countdown – Day 8


I love Twistmas, don’t you? It’s my favourite time of year.

I think we are kindred spirits.

Today is Day 8 of the countdown and may I take great pleasure in introducing –



Name and Species
Plumpty the Proper Pud
Personality: Straitlaced, old-fashioned, honest.
Mini Bio
Proper by name, proper by nature, these amazingly prudish Moshlings disapprove of anything new or remotely out of the ordinary. And that’s strange when you consider the fact each and every Proper Pud’s head is filled with gooey magic icing that tastes like mulled Bongo Colada. Not that they would ever dare try it themselves!
Habitat: Proper Puds live in converted mixing bowls near Knickerbocker Nook but they often congregate in the shops of Ooh La Lane around Twistmastime.
Likes: Custard and old-fashioned values.
Dislikes: Paper plates and spoon lickers

We love Plumpty. We kind of love all our Moshlings but Plumpty is special as he reminds us of Twistmas and that is a very special time for us.

I think I would just love Bongo Colada and I know I love custard and old fashioned values.

Plumpty was last seen at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park…


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