Moshi Monsters Series 11 – The Countdown – Day 7


Day 7 of the Countdown and we would love to, or maybe we shouldn’t…but then maybe we will – introduce you to



Name and Species

Darwin the Dithering Dodo

Personality: Dim-witted, hesitant, cheery.

Mini Bio

It’s hardly surprising Dithering Dodos are so rare because they can’t decide if they are coming or going. In fact these incredibly indecisive Moshlings can’t even decide if they can fly, and can often be seen dithering around towering ice ledges preparing to jump… before changing their minds. Again!

Habitat: Take a hike to the Frostipop Glacier and you’ll probably find a flock of Dithering Dodos walking around in circles, trying to decide what to do.

Likes: Cosy beanies and beak polish.

Dislikes: Sailors and the smell of stuffing.

A dithering Dodo…I like the tone of that. The next time someone makes me angry….I may just call them one!!

A monster who loves beanies – we love it right back. Darwin looks all set for the cold and we really should be taking out the woollies now ourselves, given the weather over the last few days.

Darwin was last seen deciding whether to jump off this snowy ledge!!


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