Moshi Monsters Series 11 – The Countdown – Day 2

It’s Day 2 of the Countdown…


We’ve been searching for these elusive Moshlings since the last series and I think we may have had some help from this next one.

Doyle the Defective Detective


Personality: Observant, bumbling, eccentric.

Mini Bio:
If a crime needs solving you can always rely on a Defective Detective… to mess things up! You see they might look the part but these investigative Moshlings possess dreadful powers of deduction. Maybe it’s because that massive microscope-style eye makes things look smaller instead of bigger. It’s elementary, dear reader!
Habitat: Deerstalk Drive but lots of Defective Detectives enjoy looking for clues in the Googenheim.
Likes: Violins and pipe cleaners.
Dislikes: Smeared fingerprints and Surreal Snoopers.

We love deductions and make them all the time at home. Most of the time we are and this may be because we use a magnifying glass. I quite dislike snoopers and smeared fingerprints  too especially on my phone screen!!

The children quite love his hat!

I know Doyle loves violins but last we saw him, he was quite enjoying the sound of the drums and the dancers here.

moshi - day2

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