Moshi Monsters Series 11 – The Countdown – Day 14



The 14th day of the Countdown and we are most excited to reveal  –



Name and Species

Casey the Croaky Cook

Personality: Pretentious, talented, nitpicky.

Mini Bio

Croaky Cooks spend so much time shouting they can barely speak, let alone croak. But yelling is essential when you’re in charge of a bustling kitchen, and these masterful Moshlings create some of the finest meals in Monstro City, including the legendary Casserole au Croak, topped with a single strand of the finest Oobla Doobla in the land!

Habitat: When they are not preparing feasts in places like the Sandy Drain Hotel, Croaky Cooks compare recipes in Lillypad Lake and Croak Creek.

Likes: Moshlings who shout ‘Yes, Chef!’ and egg whisks.

Dislikes: Dirty surfaces and frozen food.

Casey is one moshling that gets us happy about food. We are sure his meals are great and would love to sample some of the delicious meals in Monstro City.

I would love to have someone shouting out ‘Yes Chef’ – but it’s not to be….

Casey was last seen cooking up a storm in a lovely restaurant in the South Bank in London.


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