Moshi Monsters Series 11 – The Countdown – Day 11


It’s Day 11 of the Moshi Monsters Series 11 Countdown and it’s working like clockwork. Say hello to…



Name and Species

Mitzi the Clockwork Crawly

Personality: Captivating, humble, sociable.

Mini Bio

Clockwork Crawlies are pretty relaxed but they are always losing their keys – the ones poking out of their heads! And that’s bad news because unless these cute little Moshlings are wound up every morning they can’t even scuttle to the shops, let alone disco dance or hum lightning fast melodies in a piercing, high-pitched voice!

Habitat: Clockwork Crawlies like making nests on dusty shelves but they can also be found in Midge Ridge.

Likes: Whackcurrant lollies and texting.

Dislikes: Sticky paper and blue light bulbs.

Mitzi is totally like me. I am totally wound up every morning. The children love the idea of Clockwork Crawlies and you have to admit that Mitzi is cute.

Mitzi was last seen around the Cotswolds getting ready to nest in a little shop in Bourton-on-the-Water.


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