Moshi Monsters Series 11 – Giveaway


If you have been following me over the past 16 days, you may have noticed some adorable little Moshlings being introduced each day.

They are the newest series of Moshi Monsters – Series 11 and will be out in stores today.

If you liked how they looked and would love to have them come visit and stay in your house then I have a treat in store for you.

I will be giving away the complete collection of Moshi Monsters Series 11 right here.

To win, all you need to do is enter the giveaway below.

Best of luck!!

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40 thoughts on “Moshi Monsters Series 11 – Giveaway

  1. Mitzi #205!!! she is so cute, precious and entirely epic!

    It is my daugher’s 7th Bday next weekend and she is Moshi Monsters Number 1 fan, I would love to win these, it would make her Bday just awesome and so special , thanks for the chance xxx

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