Moshi Monsters Series 10 Reveal – Day 16

Today is the final day and we definitely have something special in store for you.

Aeryn holds in her hand the final Moshling in this series – it’s cute, it’s quirky and it’s ultra-rare!


The final day – Day 16 – Gumball



This one is one after our own heart – we LOVE chocolate coins and lottery rollovers (even though we have never won). Bent screwdrivers are a bit of a pain to us too and we don’t like bingo because we never win that either!!


Now for the best part – if you have been chasing my reveal order, there must be some that you like and some you absolutely adore. Here’s your chance – as my reader I am giving you the opportunity to win THE COMPLETE COLLECTION of Series 10. You know the drill – all you need do is enter the giveaway below.

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