Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine – A Review

As you may have guessed with us being Moshi Monsters Official Bloggers, we have a good collection of Moshi Monsters at home. All my 3 children love them and I do find them rather cute too so I enjoy joining in the games too.

There is just one problem – where can we keep them safe, so they don’t get lost?

Luckily I was provided with a solution and a very nice one at that!

It’s the Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine.


A fun little storage for Moshi Monsters. I am sure they love tumbling on one another.

The toy is like a gumball machine (well obviously since that is what it calls and it has some fun Moshi Monster horns on the lid. Open it up to put all the Moshlings in and then twist the little lever to see which one tumbles out.

I think this is a great toy as it has a lot of play options.

Firstly, it is a great place to store the Moshlings. Now, we know that they are in one place and I don’t get that ‘Mum, I’ve lost Katsuma’ very often.


We use the Gumball machine to play games like –

Guess which Monster will be next – Each player guesses which one will be next and the player who guesses right 5 times wins.

Who collects the most green or blue or yellow or gold monsters? We turn the lever and collect our monsters and then depending on the colour chosen, player with the most monsters in that colour, wins.

Or we also use it to decide which monsters are lucky enough to visit the Moshling Mall that day.


The product is well made as one expects from the Moshi Monsters toys and provides lots of fun playing hours. It looks very attractive with all the monsters in it.

The Moshi Monsters Gumball Machine is from the Vivid Group and is priced at about £17.99

 Disclaimer: I received the above toy for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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