#MoreThanAGift Campaign with Yamaha

We love music in our house and I have always encouraged the children to learn music. I learned to play the piano when I was younger and at that time, I probably hated going for lessons and sitting for examinations. But I regret not completing the all the grades and would love to be able to complete them at some stage in my life.

Giving a child the gift of music is giving them a lifetime of joy. Music can be personal and yet so social.

To me, music can help heal the soul, prove a great pick me up and can also help celebrate happy moments. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t like music and if I do, I’d be very wary of them.

We recently were invited to take part in a campaign with Yamaha and we had to visit a Yamaha shop to do so. I can’t believe how the children’s faces lit up when we walked in. They were thrilled to be able to sit down and try out the pianos, keyboards and drum kits.

Jadyn learned the keyboard when she was younger and now learns the violin and does voice lessons. Ethan learns the guitar in school and he also learnt the violin as part of the school curriculum last year.

I would love to own a piano. We had one in my parents home and that was the saddest thing I had to part with when my parents passed away. They lived overseas and there was no way we could transport it. The keyboard does its share of being portable but there is nothing like a piano to soothe the soul. I miss not having one at home.

Isn’t this one stunning?

There is no question of the emotional, educational and social benefit of playing an instrument and in the run up to Christmas Yamaha is urging people to give more than a gift this Christmas.

You can read more about it at – Yamaha More Than a Gift

If you walk into a Yamaha Music Shop – believe me you’ll feel like walking out with many gifts. From keyboards, to guitars, to drum kits – there’s something for everyone.


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