Monster Selfie Studio Review

Ethan loves doing craft but he sometimes complains that quite a few of the craft sets are too girly for him.

Indeed, we have done quite a few targeted more to girls lately.

This one though made him happy as he was able to create monster masks to use with an app – Monster Selfie Studio from Interplay is the perfect Halloween creative set.

The kit contains various craft cut out and designs to make monster masks but the fun begins after you’ve created it. You can then download an app and create the most awesome Monster selfie portraits of yourself.


It contains the following –

  • Yeti DIY kit
  • Frankenstein kit
  • Alien kit
  • Vampire kit
  • Mummy Pop Up card kit
  • Werewolf pin free badge kit

I think the favourite was the Frankenstien one.

The kit was easy to put together and Ethan had his done in no time.

After that it was time to get to the free app and create monster selfies.


You do need a printer for this so make sure you have ink or the children are bound to be disappointed.

The kit is priced at £9.99 and for the different masks you can make with it I’d say it was good value.

The kit is available at all major retailers.

It would make a great gift at any time and is perfect for keeping the children occupied in the cold evenings to come.


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