Money saving tips for mums – your guide to saving for that family holiday

Being a mum means that life never stops. From the moment you realise you’re expecting, you’re no longer number one and priorities drastically change. But no matter who you are, how many little ones you have following you around and never giving you a moment’s peace – you still deserve a holiday. And (thankfully) most of us look forward to a little break every year. But when you’re planning and arranging your holidays, it can be difficult to know where all the extra money is going to come from…sure you might have the funds for the holiday itself, but what about all the extras? Things like cash for days out, ice creams, a new holiday wardrobe for the kids and all the extra little things they’ll want to do while they’re making memories?

Well, don’t worry – here you’ll find some money saving tips that will help even the busiest of mums.

Switch your energy supplier

Be honest. Do you know what energy tariff you’re on? Do you even know which supplier? Whether you’re using domestic oil – you can get cheap heating oil from SuperSaverOil – to standard gas and electricity, you’d be amazed at how many people haven’t even compared their current suppliers prices with a competitor. Switching your energy supplier can save you a large amount on your energy bills – savings that can be put towards your holiday money! Most suppliers do all the hard work for you, and you won’t even need to speak to your current one about switching. Go and do it now and see how much you could save.

Have a clear out

It seems only yesterday that they fit in that t-shirt…and those jeans…and played with all those toys and books for hours. But kids seem to grow out of things faster than the speed of light! So, instead of letting everything pile up see what has the potential to be resold. You can easily make listings on eBay and on Facebook Market place. Even if you just get a few pounds here and there, every little helps!

Plan your weekly shop

Do you plan your weekly meals? Many parents head to the supermarket and pick up anything the kids will eat, which is pretty common – but if you’re hoping to save a little money you might want to consider setting a weekly menu and planning your family’s meals. Planning in advance means that you can shop for specific items rather than just chucking things into the trolley and hoping to make a meal. Cooking from scratch is also proven to be cheaper, rather than buying expensive ready meals and beige oven meals.

Use cash

If you want to avoid spending money before you holiday then go the old fashioned way – use cash. It’s far too easy to pull out that credit or debit card at the till. If you take out a specific about of cash to use each week – you’ll find that you make more conscious choices when it comes to your off the cuff purchases. Give it a try!



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