How mobility products go a long way in being independent

Being mobile is perhaps the first step to freedom. It is so great to not be reliant on someone else to do the little things like shopping, meeting friends or attending community gatherings.

For older people especially who those who have difficulty walking, mobility scooters are the perfect answer. It’s great to see older people with mobility scooters getting out and about within the community. It helps them shop for themselves, meet friends and be so much more independent. It also helps to boost their self confidence and maintain a healthy social life so they don’t get too lonely on their own.

My father, who passed away early this year, had suffered a stroke about in 2012. We were fortunate that the repercussions were not too life threatening but he did have a drop foot and walked with a limp. It was also difficult for him to walk for long periods or walk up inclines or walk downhill. He would have definitely benefitted with one of these. It would have been especially great for him as he loved to be out and about but the stroke curbed this to a great deal. And my father never wanted to inconvenience people so he suffered in silence. But I do know that he would have been happier being independent.

Its like this with most of the older generation. Having a Pro Rider Mobility scooter would help a long way in bringing happiness. And it’s not just a scooter that can change the life of someone with mobility issues. Wheelchairs for the home are a perfect way of getting around. There are also riser recliner chairs that help people with getting out of chairs. I myself feel, as I get older, the difficulty of getting out of a low sofa.

To ensure that people are entirely independent there are so many other products like walkers and rollators that are available. I think many people don’t research these enough and carry on with life facing the hardship every day. My mum was ill and almost bedridden as she could not walk in the last few months of her life. A wheelchair did help her get around the house and at least made sure that she had the exercise of getting up out of bed. She was also able to join us at the table for meals.

I think that quite often people think that these products are too expensive to purchase and thus don’t even bother looking into it. Nowadays, however they are more affordable than we think. A mobility scooter is cheaper than a big screen television or even a mid-range washing machine.

With Christmas round the corner, it would be perfect to look at giving someone who isn’t mobile, the gift of mobility. Perhaps an older parent who would have the freedom to come and go as he or she likes. There are so many different types with different features that this is something for everyone to find.

What could be better than giving someone the gift of independence this Christmas and it all starts by making sure that he or she is mobile.



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