Mixing up Nestlé Cereals for a healthy start to the day

Last week, Jadyn and I have a few days where we were just the two of us, without the two younger children as she had the week off school.

It was lovely to spend time with her and of course we took off for some retail therapy. We were also invited to the Aisle of Wonder with Nestlé and it was perfect that it was being held in Westfield Stratford.

The Aisle of Wonder was a unique pop up event where people were able to start their day with their own bespoke cereal blend from a selection of 12 Nestlé  cereals with a variety of toppings.

I was quite surprised with the set up and inspired for breakfasts at home moving forward.

As you can see, we enjoyed mixing up our cereals.

Jadyn choice – Curiously Cinnamon, Shredded Wheat Spelt and Barley, Oats Crisp and Cheerios topped with hazelnut milk, raspberries and white chocolate. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

I chose – the same by way of cereal but topped it off with almond milk, blueberries and nuts. Just as delicious.

It funny how we need to sometimes experience for ourselves before we are actually hit with the idea. For example, it doesn’t take a genius to think of mixing up cereals. The kids have done it before with Cheerios and Cookie Crisp but now they have been experimenting even more and the result has been amazing as they look forward to breakfast even more.

We even came away with our very own personalised cereal boxes and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I ran a competition for 5 lucky winners to win their own personalised box too.

As part of the campaign, I also kept a breakfast diary and that was reviewed by nutritionist who was quite happy with my breakfast choices for myself and the family but she did offer some healthy alternatives too.

I do believe that breakfast is the most important part of the day and having cereals ensure that my family gets the perfect start. I quite like that Nestlé is constantly improving on the sugar levels of the cereals making them and even healthier option to starting the day right.

A mix of cereals is also a great way to keep off the sweets and chocolates. Just keep a mix at hand anytime for a healthier snacking option.


Here are some pictures of our morning at the Aisle of Wonder –





Some ideas for mixing up breakfast cereals

Inspired by our morning at the Aisle of Wonder we’ve been mixing up our breakfast cereals to make the mornings even more exciting –

Do you mix your cereals up? What’s your favourite mix?

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