Mixing it up with the new Lego Mixels Range

We are big Lego fans. It probably has to do with having grown up with it that makes it so much more interesting to me.


I love buying my children Lego and I am happy to see that there are ranges for both girls and boys.

I was sent the new Lego Mixels range of toys to review and these were absolutely lovely.


They are gender neutral.

The Mixels are adorable series of monsters from Lego and are really quite cute when put together. We received some of the figures from Series 2.

Lego Mixels

Balk – the Flexer

Lego Mixels
Tentro – the Flexer
Lego Mixels
Gobba from the Fang Gang
Lego Mixels
Jawg from the Fang Gang
Lego Mixels
Flurr the Frosticon
Lego Mixels
Lunk the Frosticon

We love the names too.

Mixels are creatures that love to combine. Each of them have their own characteristics which you can learn more about on the Lego Mixels website

We had a lot of fun building them up and have come up with some pretty nifty combinations too. The instructions are easy to follow.


I like Lego because it provides hours of entertainment as well as provides motor skills and creativity as one never knows what one is going to build, unless of course you are following instructions. And even then – you could come up with a whole different figure (if you tend not to follow them properly)


After you have built you Mixel figure, there is no end to the combinations. You may come up with a Frostexer or a Fangicon or a Fanglexer.


Perfect for the summer holidays, the children (and I) have enjoyed playing with them. I kind of love it, when they ask for help as I love to get my hands on building.


There is a game on the Lego Mixels  called Mixel Mania and there is even an App for IOS and Android so the fun never stops.

Each figure is priced at £2.99 and since they are not blind bags you can get the ones you like. Although it will be pretty difficult to choose so you will probably end up with all.

These figures are perfect for little treats or add-ons or just buy all of them at once for a great collection.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above Lego Mixels products for review. All ideas and opinion are my own.


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