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DSC06310I was thrilled to take part in the Mission’s Liven Up Lunch Bloggers Challenge as a member of Mumsnet Bloggers Network. I was sent 2 packets of Mission wraps – Multigrain and original as well as Sacla Squeezy Pesto and Galbani Mozzarella all in a cool lunchbag. I also received £10 to purchase additional ingredients. We purchased some ham, Sacla red pepper pesto, olive oil, orange peppers and some mozzarella.

I looked up some recipes on http://www.missioninyourkitchen.co.uk/recipes/and decided to make the Parma ham and basil quesadilla, Pizza Margarita and Ham and Mozzarella Piadina. Then I tried out my own recipe which was an Egg and Frankfurter Sunday Breakfast Wrap.

These wraps/pizzas were really tasty and though I have done wraps before, I had never tried these particular wraps.

Parma Ham and Basil Quesadilla

Parma Ham and Basil Quesadilla

This was a delicious recipe and you can find it at http://www.missioninyourkitchen.co.uk/recipes/parma-ham-and-basil-quesadilla

We used orange peppers instead of the yellow and added some rocket to the wraps. The combination and flavour of the mozzarella, basil and pesto was delectable. It is quick and easy to make and does not require a whole lot of ingredients.




Pizza Margarita (this was the children’s favourite)

Pizza Margarita

To check out the recipe visit the website at http://www.missioninyourkitchen.co.uk/recipes/pizza-margarita-wrap

This was really easy to make and took a matter of minutes. The children just loved it and it was finished in a matter of minutes so we had to make another.



Egg and Frankfurter Sunday Breakfast Wrap

If you like a hearty breakfast on a Sunday, try this recipe.

Egg and Frankfurter Sunday Breakfast Wrap

You will need:

1 Mission multigrain wrap

1 egg

125g Mozzarella cheese

Few basil leaves

1 Frankfurter ( I used Herta)

Sacla red pepper pesto

Microwave or cook the frankfurter in a pan of boiling water.

Beat the egg with salt and pepper and make an omelette in a pan. Spread the omelette on the wrap; add the pesto, mozzarella, basil and frankfurter.

Wrap over in the form of a roll. Cook in the oven for 5 minutes.

This is a nice wholesome breakfast or a great brunch recipe.


Ham and Mozzarella Piadina

We also tried the Ham and Mozzarella Piadina which was just as delicious. We added some grated cheddar to the recipe making it really cheesy and yummy!The Mission wraps are really soft and tasty. We all especially liked the Multigrain wraps and I have added it to my weekly shopping list.The great thing about these wraps is that they are easy to make, are ready in minutes, and are wholesome and yummy. I also got a lot of greens down my little son who normally makes a fuss!


And to help make livening up lunch even more exciting, Mission has now teamed up
with Sacla Squeezy Pesto and Galbani Mozzarella, the perfect ingredients partners that will get your tastebuds tingling. For a limited period you can get 50 pence off Galbani mozzarella or 30 pence off Sacla’s Squeezy Pesto with promotional packs of Mission Deli wraps. So go ahead and pack some punch to your lunch!!

Besides saving lunchers money, Mission are also running a fantastic free prize draw, where a lucky winner is packed off on an unforgettable holiday to sample the flavours and delights in the Mediterranean. The prize is for four, so get thinking about who you’d like to share the shade of your favourite olive tree.

To enter, go to www.missioninyourkitchen.com and simply complete the competition form. In addition, 10 weekly runners-up will win a special Mission Deli Wrap lunch bag – giving you more ways to make each lunchtime its very own little mini-break. To see our terms and conditions and for full details of the prize go to www.missioninyourkitchen.com

“I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network, a group of parent bloggers picked by Mumsnet to review products, services, events and brands. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity”.

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