Sending cards for Christmas is one of the best traditions ever!!

Christmas cards can be beautiful sentiments. We want to keep in touch with loved ones all around the globe. Writing family newsletters can be too time-consuming. Dollar Store boxed cards aren’t personal enough. How do we get the best of both worlds? has the solution!

                Their Christmas Photo Cards are picture perfect. Showcase those beautiful kids with a photo on the front. Arrange events with the Story Cards. Drop a postcard in the mail for family in the military. Choose any number of styles from rustic to bold. Have a memory of Baby’s First Christmas with a card designed especially for it! Unique Paper Options, including recycled, will insure that your Christmas stays green.

                Independent designers have crafted these customizable cards so that each can be as unique as the recipient is to you. With Minted, you aren’t limited by the style choices a manufacturer has included in a box. You are the manufacturer!

                If you don’t care to do a photo card, never fear. has everything from cute cartoons to faith-based stationery. While you’re there, pick up all you party supply needs. We all need one-stop shopping nowadays. Compact your shopping list while saving time, money and gasoline. Year round stationery options have you covered for any occasion.

       is not only a joy to work with, but they’re generous, too. They have offered one Charisma reader a $50 Gift Credit to Perfect timing for the holidays- thanks, Minted!

Hop over to their site to look at all their fabulous products. I know you’ll fall in love a Rafflecopter giveaway

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