Mickey and Minnie Toys from Flair – Review

We’re hosting another Twitter party and this is a real fun one – it’s a Disney party.

We were sent a lovely lot of products to play with during the party as well as some great stuff for the party. Let’s have a little sneak peek into all of it.

Aeryn was thrilled with the toys that we were sent and I’m sure that the children who attend the event will be just as happy to get a chance to play with them as well as take home some lovely goody bags.

Minnie’s Happy Helpers Bag Set was the first one up and this consists of lots of things that you need on your travels – it has a passport and passport holder, a mobile phone, some stickers and of course a lovely bag that is sparkly. It also has a bracelet and you can take the charm off the bag and attach it to the bracelet. The mobile phone plays Minnie’s voice and there are a few phrases that it says when the buttons are pressed.

Aeryn has reviewed this on her new YouTube Channel – The Magic Hat Reviewer.

Next up, we have the Minnie’s Happy Helpers Cash Register and like the other toys in the range it is pink and girly. The numbers beep when pressed and when you press the bow, Minnie says some phrases. The drawer of the cash register opens when you turn the little Minnie ears or you press the enter button. There is play money in coins and notes and a credit card. The credit card beeps when you swipe it.

Lastly, in this range, we were sent a shopping basket that contains quite a lot of products – strawberries, an apple, a loaf of bread, a milk carton, canned vegetables and a knife with which you can cut the vegetables.

This is an ideal add on for the cash register as you can pretend to scan products like a real check out.

We were also sent two products from the Mickey and the Roadster Racers range – a toolkit and a talking tool belt.

The talking tool belt includes –

  •  Tool belt
  • Manual spinning impact wrench with interchangeable socket and screw bit
  • Tire air pressure Gauge
  • Play motor oil bottle and funnel
  • Wrench and screws

When you press Mickey, it says Mickey phrases which is great fun for a little one.

The Tool Box contains tools like a mallet, spanners, screwdriver, screws and play metal plates that can be screwed together.

The toolbox is handy for storing all the bits and pieces.

Together both these products would make a lovely present for your budding roadster.

Of course, this is a Twitter party so we were also sent loads of goodies to have a successful party at home. There’s going to be loads of games and the children will definitely love the goody bags filled with Minnie and Mickey fun products.

You can join us too –

It’s on the 10th of August at 1pm. Don’t forget to follow @UKMumsTV and me at @Jacintaz3 to win great prizes.


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One thought on “Mickey and Minnie Toys from Flair – Review

  1. this is fantastic because it just shows that girls as well as boys can play with tools!!!!!!! Thak you for allowing us to go on this playdate with these #MickeyandMinnie toys they are fabulous (@choccieluvva on twitter)

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