Mi-Mic Karaoke Microphone Speaker Review and Giveaway

“If music be the food of love…play on”

We love music and singing in our home. I’ve come from a home that was filled with music – the piano playing, the radio/music system playing or someone singing. My children have picked up the love of music and we love singing. We sing in the car, while we work and naturally in the shower. Jadyn has just started formal voice lessons too.

Naturally anything musical is a big hit in our home and the Mi-Mic from Toyrific is no exception.

The Mi-Mic Karaoke Microphone Speaker is everything you need to get the party started or belt out your favourite tune when home alone. (Get it?)

It has a range of features that ensure you can get loads of practice in before you audition for the next X-Factor.

The Mi-Mic connects over Bluetooth making it easy to access all your music content. We found it very easy to connect and we were able to get our groove on in no time. You can play or pause your music as well as go to the previous or last song.

The feature I really like is that you can use a micro-sd card making it possible for use anywhere.

Once you’ve chosen your song, you can sing along with it on the microphone. The microphone has an echo function too which is a great effect.

And it’s not only about music. The Mi-Mic has some awesome light effects. It allows you to choose from seven colours or you can choose to have the LED lights work in sequence.

The Mi-Mic is excellent value for money at only £29.99 and with loads of deals on at the moment you can get it for less – for example at Amazon. We have a pink one but it’s also available in black and silver.


And since it’s almost Christmas, the lovely people at Toyrific have offered me one to give away to you, my lucky readers. Just enter the giveaway below to win –

Win a Mi-Mic Karaoke Microphone Speaker

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