Mexican food made easy with Old El Paso

We like trying out different cuisines at home and Mexican is a hot favourite. (Get it?)

I was recently sent some products from Old El Paso and we enjoyed trying these out.


Christmas dinner always has leftovers. This year the turkey didn’t last long as we used it to create several different meals. I hate wasting food.

I used the left over turkey to make fajitas and they were delicious.


The fajita seasoning was different as it was crumby and gave a really great taste to the turkey. All I did was coat the turkey in the mix and fry. It took little or no time as the meat was already cooked.


I then added some salsa and some jalapeños to the adults meal and the children had guacamole.

They were delicious and so easy to make. Besides they were ready in minutes. Perfect for those evenings that you need to do things in a rush. (Read everyday for me!!)

I still have to try out the chilli mix which I shall be doing tomorrow so do come

Old El  Paso has a lovely range of simple ingredients for easy to prepare Mexican  meals. I look forward to trying out more products in their range. You can purchase individual packs or meal kits and they all look amazing.

Disclaimer: I was sent a range of Old El Paso products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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