Merry Christmas Snoopy – Book Review

I grew up on Snoopy and Charlie Brown. I would love reading those little cartoon strips in the newspapers.

I was quite pleased to be able to introduce the gang to my children and what better way to do it than with a book. A Christmas story at that!

Merry Christmas Snoopy is a lovely little story perfect for Christmas.

The book introduces the whole gang on the first page and then goes on to the story.


The Story –

Charlie Brown’s Christmas is not going as he likes. Even the lights on his tree are not coming on. When he goes to buy presents, he realises there’s not much you can get for 5 cents. So inspired by Snoopy, he decides to make Christmas presents for everyone. This results in disastrous consequences and everyone having accidents. However, all is well at the end when they all realise that the gifts bring them together. And that’s all that matters at Christmas – that everyone is together.


What we thought –

We loved the story. It was funny as expected from Charles M Schulz, the author. The illustrations were keeping with the cartoon strip characters and were bright and funny. The language was easy to understand and most of all we loved the message which is perfect for Christmas – It’s not what’s around the tree, but who’s around the tree that matters.

Yes, Christmas summed up.

With the new Peanuts movie showing in cinemas, I’m sure this will be an added hit.

The book is priced at £6.99 and is available at Amazon and all major retailers.

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