My Mermaid Lagoon Review

The holidays are coming to an end but we’ve had so much fun – doing nothing essentially. What has made the holidays special is the number of lovely creative products we’ve tried out and the events we’ve been to. We were recently sent this My Mermaid Lagoon set from Interplay UK and Aeryn had loads of fun putting it together.

The set includes sand, corals, shells that you can make shapes with in the sand. It also includes a mermaid figure. We had Coral the mermaid. The set also comes with a clam shell home for coral and a large bottle to carry the entire scene in.

It is quite easy to do as you can see from the video Aeryn has made. You put the sand into the base. Then you make your shapes and decorate it.

Place Coral in her home and place the transparent cover over the base. Then push the stopper in.

It’s rather like a genie type bottle but for a mermaid.

Aeryn has hers on her window sill in her room.

We love the bright colours of the set.

It inspires creativity and use of imagination too and can make a great talking point. You can discuss under the sea finds and maybe make up stories of mermaids.

There are three sets in the range – Coral (which we have), Marina and Pearl.

The set is priced at £16.99 and is available at Amazon


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