Meet Gabby, the Interactive Doll – Jadyn’s New Friend

We were thrilled to be asked to review Gabby from Chatsters.

gabby 2

You must have definitely seen the advertisement on telly and wondered what Gabby was all about. Well, we’re here to tell you exactly what she can do and how much of enjoyment is to be had.

There is really so much to write about Gabby that I don’t know where to start. I thought it may be easier to divide what we have to say into sections.


The look –

Gabby is a solid body doll and is not posable except for her hands. She is 30 cm tall and has quite a large head and a thin body. She is not your normal ‘doll’. She is more like a figurine. She wears large sunglasses which help her to interact but more on that later. She has pink hair that can be styled and beautiful pink shoes. She looks funky and is just what any little girl could ask for – a fashionable, stylish friend that one can interact with.



How to play –

You can play with Gabby in two ways –

1. By interacting with her directly

2. By downloading the App and playing with her through the App.

Gabby does not ‘talk’ to you. You interact with her by touching the heart sensors on her glasses. She comes with accessories that include – a cupcake, milkshake, a dog called Sprinkles, lipstick, eye shadow and a phone, that she recognises when they are brought near her lips.


For example – when she is thirsty, she will let you know. Bring the milkshake near her lips and she will make drinking noises. But don’t give her too much or she’ll get ‘Brainfreeze’ 🙂

Gabby asks you questions and you can reply by making a choice and touching the sensors on her glasses.

You can even play games with her – like burst the bubbles.    gabby 4

She sings and dances and actually moves her upper body.




If you are missing her accessories (which happens frequently in our house), fear not, you can play with her via the App which is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Through the app you can give her a makeover and  style her hair or Sprinkles’ hair. You can text her with the help of Chatsters Emojis and she will send you a message back which Jadyn thought was great fun.

Gabby says over 300 words and phrases and she is quite chatty. She is best played with in a quieter environment as her voice is not exceedingly loud and cannot be controlled. That is not to say that she speaks softly but you could miss out on something she says.

Gabby also comes with a brush and hair clips so your little one can style her hair.

Gabby is perfect for pretend play and interactive play. Besides having the ‘play’ appeal, I think it is great for younger children to learn about making choices.

gabby 6

Jadyn thinks she is cool and enjoys playing with her. When her friends were over for a play date, she showed Gabby off and her friends definitely have her on their Christmas wish list.

Chatsters Gabby is from Spinmaster Toys and is available exclusively through Smyths Toy Superstores She retails at £59.99

Have a look at the video below and you will know exactly why my girls love playing with her.


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