Meccano MicroNoid Switch Review

Ethan loves robots. I remember when he was younger, we had made a robot costume out of cardboard and he enjoyed wearing it and talking like one. What can be more amazing then than being able to create, yes create, his own robot? Thanks to Spinmaster, this was made possible with the MicroNoid Robot – Switch.

You must have definitely heard of Meccano? The MicroNoid is from this range. So, you already know what a great set it’s going to be.


The MicroNoid Robot has 139 pieces that you need to put together. There are screws and plastic bits that need to be fitted together. The instructions are clear and contain the actual size of the screws which you can check so you know you are putting the correct screw in place. (very handy).


It was a bit fiddly to put together especially when attaching the hands to the body. Ethan is 8 in two months and Hubs had to help which he rather enjoyed I think. 🙂

Once we had completed the robot, all that was left was to install the batteries and play with it. Here comes the fun bit.

Switch is a great playmate and can do a lot of things.



There are 4 different modes to choose from – 8 ball, Autonomous, Dance and Off. This can be done via the slider on the top of his head.

8 Ball – this is the one that is most played with. In this mode, Switch answers yes and no questions sometimes with hilarious results. He does have a mind of his own.

Autonomous – He can giggle, sings, dance, fart (yes indeed!).

Dance – Play some music and he’ll launch into a dance sequence.

Off – when you’ve had enough. Although this is very seldom used as the children love to play with him.


You can programme Switch to go though certain sequences and there is also a record and playback button where you can record something in your voice and he repeats it in a robotic voice.


There are two more versions of the MicroNoid – Basher and Socket and they can interact too. Obviously I’ve got an order for another one.

They are priced at about £45 and are good value for money considering the quality and the hours of playing fun.

Highly recommended by me and the kids. One for Santa definitely.

I was sent this for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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