McVite’s New Breakfast Range Review

Everyone knows and recognises McVite’s as being a biscuit brand for all the family. There is just something for everyone. Mine are crazy about Jaffa cakes and Hobnobs and BN and Penguin and well the list goes on.

I was thrilled to know that McVite’s had introduced a new breakfast range and was even more thrilled to get to sample them.

We were sent a little surprise to start us off and the kids were quite excited to see what was in it!



McVite’s Breakfast Oaty Breaks 

Priced at £2,29 for 6 packs each containing 2 fingers.

These come in two flavours porridge oats and golden syrup and porridge oats, raisin and cinnamon. They are crunchy and delicious.



McVite’s Breakfast Fruit and Oat Bakes 

£1.99 for 5 packs of 2 slices each

These are baked treats filled with a delicious fruity filling. They are high in fibre and low in saturated fats and come in a pack of 5. There are two varieties – Porridge Oats and Apple and Porridge oats and Blueberries.

McVite’s Breakfast Biscuits

Priced at £2.29 for 6 packs that contain 4 biscuits each.

The two flavours these are available in are Porridge Oats and Honey and Porridge Oats and Red Berries. They are crunchy and delicious. 1 pack is quite filling on it’s own.


I love the entire range because they are so handy to carry around. I am literally on the run in the morning and very often skip breakfast. Then, I end up feeling hungry and over indulge!

These treats from McVite’s ensure that I have food on the go and since they all contain oats, they provide a slow release of energy making me fuller longer. They are all extremely tasty and I like that they are not so sweet. They would appeal more to an adult palate rather than a child, I think.

I’m really glad that McVite’s has brought out this range. I ensure that I have some of these treats on me at all times so I can munch on a healthy snack.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.  

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