Marvel Kids Interactive Sites from Disney Review

My children are Disney mad. They’ve probably got it from me.

We love all things Disney and have been fortunate to attend some amazing film previews, product reviews as well as play on Disney Life.

We also love getting online so when we were invited to check out some interactive sites that included Marvel characters, Ethan was more than thrilled.

First off, the Marvel Kids from Disney is filled with content that any Marvel fans will enjoy. You can play games, complete activities as well as watch videos of your favourite characters.

The games include some where all the Avengers are together or they are individual games with Thor and Hulk. The games are good fun and Ethan’s favourite is Avengers Assemble: Combined Strike.


Spiderman is also a huge favourite so we are playing a few of the games on there too. His favourite is Ultimate Spider Cycle.

The sites also have Avengers Characters where you can read about the different characters and their characteristics. It’s surprising how much children remember when they read bios of characters they like.

The activities are printable so you can also use them at parties or getting children to think while they solve puzzles and word games.

If you have a Marvel fan in your home, I would definitely suggest taking a look at

There is no subscription or payment required and the site is completely free.


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