Mario Kart 8 Blogger Challenge #1

We were sent a few challenges to complete to join in the race to complete Mario Kart 8. To help us we were sent this box of goodies so that we could create, race and get gaming. It also (just) happened to contain the new Mario Kart 8 game!! Yay!!

mario kart 8 -1

As mentioned so many times, I am enjoying being a Nintendo blogger simply because there is so much more to do rather than just a review.

We love Mario Kart and of course the Karts make it so much more exciting. I think my favourite is the Circuit Special. It is rather a cool Kart.

The first challenge was to design our own (Mario) Kart.

So we got our paper and our colour pencils and pens out and got to work.

nintendo mario kart1

We had several entries for this and we had to choose a winner.

nintendo mario kart2

I think this had the most features so a clear winner.

mario kart 8 - 1

Jadyn’s Shooting Star Kart – it has a host of great, innovative features and can fly and even run on it’s four legs. Amazing! Perfect for a quick getaway. I would actually love to have a Kart like this while I race around the different circuits on Mario Kart.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Mario Kart 8 game and some other craft products to help us design our Kart. All ideas and opinions are my own. The ideas for the drawings belong to the children.





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