Too Many Kids and Not Enough Space? Tips for Stress-free Living

Stressed out?

Whether you have one child or half a dozen, there are times when you feel like pulling your hair out by the roots because of all the stress in daily living. From getting them to school on time to juggling extracurricular activities, it seems as though there are never enough hours in the day and not enough help doing what needs to be done. Do you have too many kids in the house for what many would consider to be stress-free living? If so, consider the following.

Don’t Over Commit

If you are like most parents, you are severely over-committed. You have agreed to take on the fundraiser for your child’s sports team, head up the mums auxiliary at school and have agreed to drive an extra day in a car pool because your neighbour’s car cannot be fixed. One thing you must seriously avoid is over-committing. Yes, you want your child to feel like their parents are involved but if you are over-committed and stressed to the max, there is no way you or your child will feel as if you are involved in anything. You will regret every moment spent hurrying around and that is not what your intentions were at all.

Minimize Clutter and Distractions

One of the leading stresses in the life of literally every parent and every child is clutter that leads to distractions. No one can function well when surrounded by visual distractions that keep them focused on anything but the task at hand. As a parent the only thing you can think of is how to clean up this mess that should have been sorted long ago. Why not look for reasonably priced household self storage space so that all those items that are too good to be discarded, but not used every day, have a place to be safely stored.

No One Is Perfect – Imperfection Is the Norm

When your first child was born you were not given an instruction manual to operate by. There is no parenting manual that tells you what to do at all times and in all situations, so believe it or not, you will make mistakes. If you think the family down the road has it all together and that mum and dad don’t make mistakes then you are sadly mistaken. To err is human and everyone makes mistakes. Embrace your imperfections. Learn from them and handle them calmly. In this way you are teaching your children not to obsess about perfection and everyone will be healthier for it.

You stress and then your kids stress. Your kids stress and you stress. This goes on in a never ending cycle. Take the time to analyse what’s stressing you and do what you can to avoid those situations. In the end, although it’s impossible to eliminate all stress, you really can avoid the bulk of it. Even one child can feel like a dozen when life is stressing you out, but if you learn how to avoid the typical stresses it will be easier on all involved.

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