Manage Your Children’s’ Social Life on a Budget

From the moment your kids start school they will be inundated with invitations to birthday parties. Add to this the school Christmas party, various discos and their own birthdays, and you will soon find your little ones have a better social life than you do! The festive period is fast approaching, and with the cost of the holidays looming you may be concerned about how to fund all the soirées and events your kids have to attend over this season and the rest of the year. Here are a few tips on keeping up with your little one’s hectic social calendar, without breaking the bank.

There are roughly 30 children in your child’s class at school. This means a potential 29 or so parties over the course of the year. Bear in mind that they won’t be invited to every one of these, and you are still left with about 15 birthday parties to attend throughout the year. For each of these parties you will need to bring the birthday boy or girl a present, something which can get very expensive when you tot it up over the course of the year. To save money try not to spend more than £5 on each child. Other parents are in the same boat and won’t expect more than a token gift. Buy things on offer when you see them and have a stock of girls and boys presents to save a mad dash to the shops before a party as you’re likely to spend more money this way. Also having a few big rolls of wrapping paper in the cupboard, again, one boys one girls, works out cheaper than buying individual sheets each time. Cards can cost a couple of pounds each, but by buying from discount shops or in bulk you can save on these too. They are likely to be displayed for a week and then thrown out, so spending too much is not economical.

Dressing your little ones for parties is one of the great joys of parenthood and sending them off in their prettiest dress or smartest suit can make you burst with pride. Party gear isn’t cheap though, and kids take no time in getting through outfits by running around playing musical bumps, spilling cake and drink down them and generally doing what kids do. Don’t go for the most expensive clothes as they will grow out of them quickly. Instead, try the high street and supermarket brands such as George at ASDA for low cost alternatives. Don’t worry about buying special party shoes either, as they will not be worn enough to justify the cost. Smart shoes like school shoes are fine and look the part. Check out George’s range of girls school shoes for some stylish additions to your little girl’s party outfit that can be used for school too. There are also some fab smart boys shoes that will finish off a simple jeans and shirt combo to great effect.

Parties are a big part of the growing up experience, and can help form the basis of lifelong friendships. Plan ahead and follow these budget busting tips to help make them really enjoyable part of your child’s life.

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