Manage eczema prone skin with Aveeno

As I mentioned in earlier posts, my son suffers from mild eczema so I have to be very careful about the products I use on his skin. Bath products and creams always have to be suitable for dry skin conditions.


I recently received some Aveeno products to try out and was pleasantly surprised at how soft they made his skin. I have also been using the products myself as I also have very sensitive skin.

We received the following products

Aveeno 1

Aveeno Bath and Shower oil – £7.70 for 250ml

Aveeno Lotion– £12.69 for 500 ml

Aveeno Cream – £6.80 for 100 ml

Oats have been well known as skin soothers since 2000BC and they also have the ability to prevent dryness, maintain the skin’s natural barriers and are filled with natural cleansers to clean the pores effectively.

Aveeno products contain collodial oatmeal or finely ground oatmeal to give the skin the pampering it deserves.

All 3 were very gentle on the skin and I absolutely love the scent – it smells oaty and is so relaxing and comforting.

The Bath and Shower oil can be used both in the shower or bath as a soap substitute and leaves the skin feeling pampered and soft.

The Aveeno lotion I have been using everyday on our skin after a bath and it is not too greasy and seems to have lessened the irritation on the skin. It is suitable for children from the age of 3 months.

The Aveeno Cream tube – I actually keep in my handbag to use when we are out and about. With winter almost upon us, it is nice to have this soothing cream to use whenever we require it.

Here are some top tips from Dr Rob Hicks, GP on caring for eczema prone skin

  1.  Avoid bathing too often and for too long.
  2. Use a suitable bath oil to keep skin moisturised and hydrated.
  3. Frequent moisturizing is essential to help manage eczema prone skin
  4. Keep your child’s nails short so they cause less damage if they do scratch.
  5. Avoid wool and synthetic clothing and stick to cotton.

top tipsDisclosure: I received the above Aveeno products for review. All ideas and opinions unless stated are my own.


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