Making Easter ‘Eggstra’ Special with Haribo

We are big fans of Haribo and when I say we – I mean the entire family. I love those bears the most. The children of course, love any Haribo sweets.

When we were sent some Easter goodies by Haribo to review, the children were thrilled.

There was a packet of Haribo Easter Fun which had bunnies and carrots and all sorts of spring ideas. Really tasty and like my favourite the gold bears in taste so it was not long before it was gone.


There was a packet of Jelly bunnies which had fruit flavoured and sweet foam bunnies and these were really sweet as they were shaped like bunnies or bunny heads. Really cute.

haribo 6

Tangfast-chicks is a must for anyone who likes tangfastics. These sweetly sour sweets are great for grownups and children alike. These were of course shaped like chicks.

haribo1Eggstras – part of the Starmix range, are those little foam fried eggs that are normally so popular and sweet to look at. The children love these.

haribo4And then we received a Twist and Stick which is a new addition to the Haribo range for Easter. It has 2 fun boxes each containing 3 packets of sweets that are attached to each other. The boxes can twisted to form fun animals like a bunny’s head with a chick’s body. There are also stickers with it so that children can make their animals even more funky. The children had great fun making different quirky animals. And of course all the while, ate the sweets that came with it.


The boxes contained a packet of tangfast chicks, 2 packets of chirping chicks (fruit flavoured jelly sweets) a packet of jelly bunnies and 2 smaller packets of jelly and foamy bunnies.

haribo5The Haribo Easter range is a big hit in our house and I think these are a great alternative to buying the children a load of Easter eggs. Since they are Easter themed they could very well be used as gifts instead of Easter eggs especially for friend’s children as normally parents do get Easter eggs for their children. They would also be very welcome in any household as who can resist these sweet temptations from Haribo. I certainly can’t. Can you?

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products to review. All ideas expressed are my own.

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