#MakeitMagic with Philips this Christmas

Yes there are going to be an overload of Christmas posts. It’s a wonderful time of year and there is so much to write about – food, presents, good cheer, celebrating, family, decorations and lights.

Christmas lights are special. In fact, as you may know, it is a big thing – the switching on of Christmas lights. In every town there are special celebrations for the first time in the year that these are switched on. The lights make many a town magical places to be.

In our home, the lights are also a big thing – lights on the tree, Christmas decorations that light up and candles. They make the home magical and cozy and gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

Philips would like to make Christmas magical this year with their #MakeItMagic Campaign and they have launched some rather lovely lights to make this happen.


These cute Disney flashlights are ideal for cuddles and giggles before bed, trying to sneak a peek at Santa or to check up on what the Elf of the Shelf is upto. They are just right for little hands and available in favourite Disney characters – Olaf, Spiderman and Winnie the Pooh. They are utterly adorable. Perfect for Christmas gifts and at £8.99 ideal stocking fillers.

717674016-IMS-en_GBPhilips has a whole range of lights to suit any room and I am sure that children will be thrilled to receive one of these for Christmas.

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