#MakeAMascot Challenge with Cavendish Online

As we are growing older, we are constantly aware of how important life insurance is for the family. We have been looking around for life insurances where the premiums are not very high but still provide a good cover.

I have looked into many life insurance covers and been to several comparison sites to see which one offers the best deal.

Cavendish Online, provides cover with the best value as they manage to keep their rates low when compared to other comparison sites. They challenged us to make come up with a mascot and we thought that we’d had enough of crafting – it would be great to have our cake and eat it too as the low rates that Cavendish offers, makes it possible to do so.

We love baking so we got our chef’s hats on and decided to make some pertinant cakes – tortoise cakes. Long life? Get it?

It’s easy to do –

tortoise cake

  • All you need do is make some cupcakes and then cut out a bit from the centre.
  • Use icing to make a tortoise shell.
  • Add a different coloured icing for the head and legs.
  • tortoise cake 1
  • Decorate with edible decorations and colour with edible cake pen.
  • 20150531_190011_resized

A tortoise cupcake – a fitting mascot.

When I compared prices from Cavendish Online and another price comparison website there was a difference in the prices quoted, with Cavendish Online being cheaper by about £5 each month. Granted that the difference is not a huge amount but it’s always nice to be penny wise.

Cavendish quote-page-001
Cavendish quote


Cavendish quote-page-002
Other comparison site quote

Cavendish Online works on the simple premise that it does not spend large amounts of money on advertising and is thus able to give the savings to its customers.

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