Make your windows special this Christmas with Hillarys

Some time ago, I attended the Ideal Christmas Home Show with Aeryn. Since it was quite near us at Earl’s Court, I decided to attend.


This was the first time I was attending the show and I was quite blown away by all the decorations and  lights and the lovely products at all the various stands.

I had been invited by Hillary’s Blinds to answer a few questions about family traditions during Christmas when I visited the stand and was quite surprised at the different options of blinds there are when I was shown around by Sarah Quilliam, Head of Product Design.


I was also totally taken by the gorgeous curtains that were on display. My favourite was this one with birds. It looks so peaceful and calm and stunning at the same time. This is their new range, Country Retreat, inspired by designer Victoria Robinson’s visit to the Yorkshire Moors. The range is available as curtains and Roman blinds.


It was great knowing that one can customise the colours of their Venetian Blinds to match your decor and I think they look lovely.

I particularly like their child-safe blinds that can be moved to position with a thumb tab on the lowest rail. Hillarys also has perfect fit blinds that perfect for children’s rooms.


I have always wanted a house with shutters and I fell in love with these adorable shutter windows. I think Aeryn seconds my choice too.

Here is the video we made. It was my first time being interviewed and I was a bit conscious. Plus, I had my fingers crossed that Aeryn would not want something at that very moment.


If you are thinking of getting curtains or blinds for your home, I would recommend you visit the Hillarys site as there is such a wide choice available and everything is so beautiful.




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