How to Make Time for Yourself as a Parent


When you become a parent, you will understand just how much time you need to look after you and the family. If both of you are working, it can be even harder to juggle work life with home life. It’s all a juggling act, with the hope that you don’t drop a ball. Schedules are full, and it is so important to try and make time for you as a couple to relax and have some fun. Even if you don’t have time to relax together, finding the time to sit down just for a while can be great.

Create Some Extra Time

It might sound a little odd, but if you think about it, there may be some time that you can steal back to use to do the things you like. You could try to wake up a little earlier in the morning before the kids wake up. You can use it to do whatever you want; you can read the news, go into the garden for some fresh air, or enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee.

It might not sound much, but it could be just the little break you need before the household wakes up.

Enforce Regular Bed Times.

One of the reasons parents don’t get much time in the evenings is because the children may have different times for bed each night. If you can try to stick to a certain time each night, you will then know how much time you have to do other things.

It means you can get the things around the house finished and have more time to watch TV, or even play some online games, or do some reading before bed.

Arrange a Regular Night Out

Going out without the children can be something that stops when you have kids. You might find that you don’t have the time or energy to get ready and go out in the evening. However, you should try to organise something even if it is just once a month, where you can go out with friends.

If money is a factor, then maybe you can find a Jackpot in your attic that you can sell via Gala Casino, and make some money for nights out. Even if you cannot go out for some reason, you can still manage to relax by arranging for your partner to look after the children while you have a soak in the bath.


As your children get older, there is no reason why they can’t help out with some of the chores. They can do the washing up, or make their packed lunch for the next day. Just having them do these little things will give you more time to do other things.

By encouraging the children to do chores, it helps them to learn essential life skills that will benefit them later in life.

These few ideas can help to take some of the pressure off the both of you. By trying to work things out together, you can free up some time for you both.

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