How to make an Easter Garden

You may be in a quandary deciding on how to start making your Easter garden. Fear not – it’s dead easy and you’ll likely have everything at home. Well, the garden to be more precise.

You will need –

  • A tray – an old baking tray is perfect
  • Soil/mud – some mossy for the top
  • Flowers – preferably flowering and planted in soil
  • Twigs for the crosses
  • String
  • An old glass – plastic picnic cup will do
  • Pebbles/stones
  • One large stone/rock

Fill the baking tray with soul.

Dig up the flowers with the soil and transfer to one side of tray.

Place the cup/glass in the tray near the flowers and cover/pack around with soul. That’s the tomb.

Use string to bind two twigs to make a cross. You need 3 crosses – for Jesus and the thieves.

On the side opposite to the flowers mske a slight mound with the soil. Sticky in the crosses.

Use the stones to decorate around to give a rocky effect.

The large stone should partially cover the opening of the glass to show that the stone had rolled away.

Make sure the top layer is a layer of moss.

There you have it –

An Easter Garden


Tip – it’s best to grow your flowers ahead or buy some  fresh seasonal plants.


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