Make Christmas Merry with Give As You Live

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well, feel like it more likely.

We recently visited a shopping centre (for essential pyjamas) and it was packed to capacity. And yes, people were shopping for Christmas. I know this because many were carrying packages that were wrapped.

I don’t fancy shopping at stores any more. I just find the entire trip too stressful – navigating through hordes of people. It not very Christmassy to me.

But no, I’m no Scrooge and I love Christmas. I just prefer to shop elsewhere – like online.

It is so easy to shop online as I know I get the sizes I want and the products I want (well, they want really). And if I don’t get the ones I want, then it is easy to find alternatives. And I do it in the comfort of my home.

I normally visit a number of sites before I buy my presents. I look for the best deal and I also like buying from sites that give back something to the community.

Give as you live is one such site that gives back when you purchase through their site. And the best part of it all is that you can choose your preferred charity. I’m not saying that one charity is better than another but let’s face it we do have favourite causes that we support more than others.

I was asked to try out the site and create a wish list for Christmas and believe me it was such a tough task as there was a huge selection of products to choose from.

Here are my top picks –


This is one for the entire family. The Sony Playstation 4. I can see us spending some family time competing in the latest games against each other.

The Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Doll – This is at the top of my little one’s letter to Santa. I do hope Santa manages to get one.


Nikon D5500 DSLR Camera  -This one is for me. I really need a good camera to be able to take even more amazing pictures for my blog.


Pandora Sparkling Heart Bracelet Silver I know Jadyn would just love this one. She’s all into expensive jewellery at the moment. 🙂


Apple iPad Mini  This one is for Hubs as he has been after something that he can carry around on all his travels.


Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Ethan would be over the moon with this Advent Calendar. Imagine the thrill of opening one door at a time and finding little Star Wars toys.

I hope Santa’s Wi-fi is working well and he’s got this blog post. I’d hate to not have the Nikon in my stocking this year!

If you’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift do visit Give As You Live and make Christmas happy for so many people.

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