My Magical Princess Twilight Review

We have been lucky to work on some amazing toy reviews last month and this one has to have been our favourite. My Magical Princess Twilight from Hasbro is a little child’s dream especially if she/he is a My Little Pony fan.

Where do we start? There’s so much to say about it.


Princess Twilight is a good size – as you can see from the photograph below. She’s quite large and is not a soft toy.

She is purple with a purple and pink mane and tail. Her hair is long and can be styled which little children will enjoy doing. She also has a fringe on her head with a pink stripe.

Being a princess, Twilight has a tiara too. This is removable and can be worn by a young child too.

Her eyes are beautiful and large with gorgeous eyelashes that flutter.

She can stand on fours and move her head and her front leg. Her front leg moves much like how horses stomp the ground and what I like about this is that it doesn’t topple while doing so. It is sturdy.

The toy reacts to touch and if you touch her horn – it lights up. If you touch her cheek, she shakes her head.

Put your nose to hers and she will flutter her eyelashes and shake her head.

Princess Twilight can also flap her wings and if you want to make her ‘fly’ you can lift her up and pretend she is flying as Aeryn has told us in her video below.

There are 4 modes – Stories, Songs, Spells and Friendship.

To activate modes, press the star button on her hoof and she will tell you story in Story mode. In song mode, she will sing songs. In the Spell mode, Twilight tells of spells and magic. And lastly in friendship more, Twilight will talk about making friends.

There are over 90 phrases that Princess Twilight can say.

Posable legs make it possible for you to make Twilight sit too.

Our thoughts

Aeryn enjoys playing with her and still has a look of wonder every time she does so. We think the toy is amazing and we love everything about it.

My Magical Princess Twilight is priced at about £130 and is available at all major retailers like Smyths and Amazon. It requires 4xC batteries which are not included. Yes, it does sound a bit expensive, but it is an awesome toy and has a host of features. I feel it is so much nicer to give a child one toy that he/she will enjoy that a few toys that they really wouldn’t have an interest in.

It will make any little child extremely happy to receive My Magical Princess Twilight and we reckon it will at the top of Santa’s list this year.

We thought that a written review doesn’t do justice to the toy so Aeryn created a video of how it works –


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