Magic Squares and Tips for a Magical Playdate

Playdates – love them or hate them, if you have children you have them. I,for one, enjoy having my children’s friends over.

We’ve had ordinary playdates – impromptu ones.

And then we’ve been very fortunate to be chosen to host some Twitter parties where we’ve had more elaborate playdates.


We live in a flat so we don’t have have garden space but there are tons of things that we can still do to make our playdates magical so that the children who come never want to leave.


My top 10 tips for a successful playdate  –

  1. Have snacks ready – The moment children get together they seem to be hungry so have some snacks ready even if it’s a lunch date or party.
  2. Get some activities together – cake baking and decorating always works well or playing with plasticine
  3. Put toys that the children don’t normally like to share away. I know it does sound selfish but it saves the tears and tantrums later especially if a favourite toy breaks during play.
  4. Ask children to bring a toy of their own to share – that way your own children will be happy to share too.
  5. Get the children involved in making their own sandwiches/burgers/hotdogs/pizzas. Use cookie cutter to make shaped sandwiches. They will love it and wolf it all down too.  Less wastage.
  6. Go easy on the sweets. The last thing you need is too many hyperactive children.
  7. When it gets too much – take it outside either to the garden or to a nearby park. Do let mums know that you are planning this.
  8. Make it fun – ask the children to come in fancy dress.
  9. For older girls – plan a sleepover or a makeup party where they can do nails and makeup.
  10. Make it fun – give them time together without the constant hovering.

If all else fails – put the Frozen DVD on! 🙂


Yogurts are a great thing to have on hand as they go down well with all ages. They are easy to serve and taste great.


We recently tried the Magic Squares from Petits Filous and my children loved it. They liked the square shapes in the pot and went ‘wow’ and then promptly mixed it all up. (rolls eyes) I, on the other hand, had a very dainty taste of first one square and then the other and so on. Isn’t that how you are supposed to eat it? I mean you need to savour something delicious don’t you? I tell you – kids, these days.

Petits Filous is a household name where we’re concerned so we were pleased to see that it had a same, lovely, smooth, creamy taste. Petits Filous Magic Squares come in two flavours – vanilla and strawberry and vanilla and raspberry. Both were a big hit with the children.

They are available at £2 for 4 but there are deals on at the moment and I picked mine up for £1 for 4 pots which is a really good deal. Even at £2, I find them good value for money as the pots are 80g each.

Do you have playdates? I’d love to know about them. Leave a comment below. Well, your children’s playdates, I mean.

This post is an entry for BritMums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.

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