Magic Dip Design Art Centre Review

I remember doing dip dyeing in school. Only I remember it as being so much harder. Luckily, we’ve progressed and what better way to see this than by reviewing the Magic Dip Design Art Centre from Character Options.


The set contained everything you need to dabble in the exciting world of dip dyeing.

  •  1 Design Art Station,
  • 6 colour paint bottles,
  • 1 large bowl,
  • 1 small bowl,
  • glossy spray,
  • glitter,
  • stirrers,
  • a pair of tweezers,
  • a glove,
  • A7 greeting cards,
  • A5 greetings cards,
  • gems,
  • glitter
  • charms,
  • a photo frame,
  • hair band
  • arm ring/bangle

It was quite easy to set up. All you need is water at room temperature – it should not be cold as then the paint dries way too quickly.

Add the water as stated and then add your paints and swirl around. With the tweezers, dip the product and ensure that all parts are dipped so it covers all areas.

Remove and leave to dry.


Once you have finished colouring, you can add glossy spray to give it a shiny surface. You can also add gems and glitter.

We loved the product and thought it most fun as well as creative. We created products that we would actually be able to use.

The product is priced at £29.99 and I think this is good value for money considering that the set contains everything you need to begin dipping. You don’t need other products to dip. Of course, you can do ahead and try dipping other stuff.

Once dipped and dried, the colour holds fast and the product does look rather nice. I loved how the photo frame looked.

The set allows you to give reign to creativity as you can add the colours as you like. It is aimed at children aged 8+ and I think this is the right target age. The paint does have a kind of plastic/acrylic smell but it is not off-putting.

There is also a starter kit available that is priced at £9.99

We liked it so much that we gave it our Elves’ Choice Stamp.


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