Lunch with my bestie at Pizza Express

Pizza Express is our favourite place to go to for pizzas and dough balls. We kind of love dough balls. Don’t you?

On Monday, I headed down to our local Pizza Express to try out the autumn menu with my bestie. I chose to take Jadyn as she really needed a special treat as she has been working ever so hard this term. It was also great to spend some time alone with her as the others were at school.

On this occasion we didn’t have the dough balls as we knew that we wouldn’t manage to finish our pizza. So we shared antipasti which was really good. We loved the dipping  sauce that came with it that tasted like spicy sun dried tomatoes.


From the autumn menu, we chose the Basilicata Romana which is a pizza that has lamb, mint and chilli meatballs, red onions and finished with rocket and Gran Milano cheese shavings and pesto. The combination of flavours in this pizza were a hit although there could have been a bit more spice in the meatballs.


To finish, we HAD to order the chocolate fondant as we hadn’t tasted it before and it was just DIVINE. Melt in the mouth chocolate on the inside with a kind of brownie on the outside. Served with gelato. No words!


Needlees to say, we highly recommend trying out the autumn menu at Pizza Express. Besides, the amazing food, we love the ambience there and the staff who are really friendly.

It is a perfect venue for a family meal or celebration or to take your bestie to. No one rushes you to finish and  you can really take you time and enjoy your meal.

I was provided with a complimentary meal for 2 to try out the new Autumn menu. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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