Luna Petunia Doll Review

We were sent this Luna Petunia doll to review and it’s a lovely little doll.

The doll is similar to the series Luna Petunia which airs on Netflix. The series is about Luna, a little girl who plays in a dreamland and learns to make the impossible possible. She is helped along her way by her friends from the magic toy chest.

The doll is a good size – 35 cm and says phrases from the series. All you need do is press her necklace. She says phrases like ‘what’s your name’ so younger children can in fact interact with her.

Luna has blue hair – it’s sparkly too. Her hair is in an upsweep which is kept in place with a pink sparkly hairband.

Her clothes are as in the film with a little petal tutu skirt.

She has gorgeous purple sparkly boots and purple and pink stripy tights.

Luna Petunia’s face is large in relation to her body. She has big brown eyes and a huge smile. She looks adorable.

Ideal for imaginative play or for a fan of the series, this makes a great present.

The doll is priced at around £24.99 and is available in all major retailers.



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