We love Knoppers and we’re sure you will too…

We love anything chocolatey so being asked to review Knoppers was quite exciting.

For those of you who wonder what this is about –

Knoppers is the new snack and is made with crispy backed wafers, a milky hazelnut filling and a chocolatey wafer coating. Sounds delicious? It is!

It’s the perfect pick me up and the best part is that at just 137 calories, it doesn’t have me feeling guilty.

Of course, the kids love it and keep asking for it as a snack.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine are starving after school and this is just the thing they need to keep them going. It satisfies the chocolate urge and doesn’t knock on the calories. Perfect as it does not get them too full up for dinner.

My children are sometimes so hungry that they tend to snack a little too much and then end up not hungry for dinner. Thanks to Knoppers, this is no more.

We were sent some to review and we’ve since then taken them on day trips as well as had them for a picnic at home when the weather has been horrible outside.

I think everything blends so well in Knoppers – it’s not excessively sweet and the mix of wafer and filling are perfect.

Since they are individually packed, they are also ideal for lunch boxes.

Although it’s already launched in 50 countries around Europe, Knoppers is new to the UK and I’ve no doubt it will go down extremely well. It’s got the best of all worlds – chocolate, hazelnut and wafer with not so many calories.

A multipack of 4 costs £1.25 and an individual pack costs 50p. Knoppers are available at your local stores like Costcutter, Nisa, McColls and Spar as well as stores like B&, Poundstores and Poundworld.

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