Why we love the Azoomee App…

My children spend quite a lot of time on devices – sometimes its for schoolwork but most times its to play games of watch videos. While I have no problem with them doing so, there are limits that are set and I also have strict parental controls in places.

Sometimes though, there have been things that are a little bit inappropriate for them. Since they are only allowed to go on devices in the living  room, I’m able to stop access to the game/video immediately.

I’m really glad that I was introduced to Azoomee.

Azoomee is an amazing app for children aged 5 to 9, which provides a safe and secure space for them to watch, listen, play, learn, make, do and share.

Available on any mobile device, Azoomee offers films, TV shows, games, audiobooks and parent-approved chat, all in one safe place. No ads, no in app purchases. Backed by the NSPCC, the app hosts the best videos, games, tutorials, learning content and audiobooks along with a packed creative tool box for this age group, all carefully selected by children’s media experts, teachers and parents.  

An online safety curriculum – Smart Safe Kind Online – is threaded through the app: a programme of short films, games and activities, unique to Azoomee, which shows how to be independent, safe and responsible online.  This won them a BAFTA nomination and multiple industry awards and its less than two years old.

 Also just launched is a fantastic coding game called Run Marco which teaches pre-schoolers the concept of coding to not only stimulate their learning but stretch their imagination with creative and challenging ideas.

What we thought of Azoomee

I was happy to be able to get a safe environment for my children to access entertainment they love. The kids especially my younger two just love it as there is a wide variety of books, videos and games to choose from. They are all grouped together in different categories making it easier to find. There is so much variety that there is something for everyone.

I quite like that it is available across the App Store, Google Play and Amazon as that means we can download it onto the kids Kindle Fire Tablets.

You can also use the messaging feature which is safe and secure and there are no in-app purchases so no fear of getting a ridiculously high bill.

New games and videos are added every week so there’s always something to watch.

I also love the fact that you can choose to cancel anytime.

The App costs £4.99 per month or you can save by purchasing the 6-month or the annual plan. There is also an annual gift subscription which would make a wonderful Christmas gift and this costs £44.99

We love the app and Aeryn is on it all the time. We would highly recommend getting this app and trying it out. There is a 7 day free trial. For more information, visit the website at http://azoomee.com

And a very special promotion too –  use the code FAMILY when signing up here, and you can get 50% off a monthly subscription for 12 months.

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