Lotus Birth – the ultimate bond

I was reading an article on the news about new Lotus births. What exactly is a lotus birth? It’s just a birth where your baby is born in a lotus much like Thumbelina? Most certainly not, of course.
It is a birth which favours umbilical nonseverance – sounds a bit like science fiction? No, this is a kind of practice that is being put into practice where the umbilical cord remains attached and is left to detach normally.
So no more cutting of the cord for the partner. You now have the option of having your baby literally attached the placenta for a good 10 days after birth.
Well a bit gross to say the least.
It’s bad enough having to see the remains of the umbilical cord on your child wither away into a black lump of mass but to be tied to your child for days after the birth – no thank you. Not my cup of tea!
There are also a few other things to consider – like how do you eat and go to the restroom?
Eating maybe easily sorted because you can keep your child beside you (on the table, perhaps) but what about the placenta?
Now the one thing I don’t think many of us will fancy is going to the loo with a new born infant tied to the placenta? Where do you put her down?
And of course we must not forget, and this is not for the weak – what about the smell? Well according to the article, if cared for properly and wrapped in muslin cloth, it does not.
Bad enough trying ones damnest to try and keep clean and dry the naval cord of your little one, you will have to deal with the placenta being kept outside and cared for in a special way.
Well, all said and done why would someone do this? There are supposedly benefits like complete transfer of cord blood which helps the immune system and of course no wound which eases risk of infection. And then the ultimate – a bond solely between mother and baby.
And what happens to all the other people who would like to give baby a cuddle? Hmmm…that’s a thought!
It’s definitely not something I would like to try but each to their own.
So go on , don’t be chicken, is your next birth going to be a Lotus Birth?

2 thoughts on “Lotus Birth – the ultimate bond

  1. Forgive my ignorance, but… Doesn’t the other end of the umbilical cord go to the placenta? …which you pass in the third stage of labour? Or have I got it all wrong? Xx

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