Lottie from Mia Tui – the bag I can’t do without

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I love the Mia Tui bags, they are stylish and so clever.

Stylish  – because the designs are lovely.

Clever  – because you can get everything you possibly need in it and there are several to choose from to suit your needs.

I had reviewed the Grace bag last year and I use it everywhere I go, except of course on the school run because I don’t need such a large bag and well, I was sent the Lottie bag to review which is perfect for the school run.

I used to be the mum with the large bulging pockets – containing keys, my phone, some cash/change, gloves and even maybe an afterschool snack.

No more! I am so glad to have got rid of that image. The Lottie bag is small and but perfect for carrying keys, a purse, phone and gloves. And yes, I do get a snack in there too.

I was sent the plum colour and it looks lovely. I always wanted a small bag that can be slung across the body as it is easier to carry, rather than having to stop every two minutes to settle my bag. Especially with a pushchair.

It has a place to put your phone and a pen. I love the little outer zippered pocket complete with the star on it.

In fact, many mums have complimented me on my bag and asked me where I bought it from. 🙂

It is perfect for walks and school runs and I really could not do without it now. In fact, I think every mum should definitely have one.

Mia Tui have a range of lovely bags on their website. With Mother’s Day around the corner, any bag would make an ideal gift for your Mum. I definitely hope that Hubs or the children reads this post. 😉

Disclaimer: I was sent the Lottie bag to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Lottie from Mia Tui – the bag I can’t do without

  1. Looks fab. I’d love to see some more pictures… inside the bag, action shot etc! I’ve been looking for a good soft leather bag that I can use for work but it’s still casual enough for the school run.

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