My Lottery Bucket List

You know the 75 (million) things to do before you die? You must have a bucket list somewhere even if its in the back of your head? Like you I have one. And though it has 75 million things on the list, I’m going to narrow it down to just maybe 10 or 20 or 30…

And what if I have the money to work through this list as I wish?

What if I won the lottery?

It’s not impossible, you know.

And I have bought a ticket too. So wish me the best.

I shall definitely be on tenterhooks checking the Euromillion results tomorrow.

But before that, here’s my…

Lottery Bucket List…

  1. Take a trip in a hot air balloon – in style
  2. Go on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon with the works – champagne and all the trimmings.
  3. Fly to New York to take in a Broadway Show
  4. Play roulette in Las Vegas (like in the movies)
  5. A desert safari to ride the dunes
  6. An African Safari
  7. Buy a book shop (like the one in You’ve got mail)
  8. Learn to swim…in my own private pool
  9. See the Northern Lights
  10. Get a complete makeover
  11. Take music classes to complete the grades I didn’t
  12. Take dance lessons
  13. Learn a martial art
  14. Go on a cruise
  15. Make a snow angel (after flying to a place that has snow for one)
  16. Shop till I drop
  17. Buy a piano – a Steinway or a Bosendorfer
  18. Book a spa getaway with my school friends (obviously I’d fund the whole trip)
  19. Renew my wedding vows in an old fashioned church and invite family and friends to the party
  20. Go to the opera

This list is not exhaustive. I didn’t really think it would take time to write it out but it did. There are so many things I want to do that I had to whittle it down to the most important and I’m  sure I’ve missed a few.

Do you have a bucket list? And more importantly – a lottery bucket list?

I think its fun to make one. And who knows you may win it one day and be able to do all the things you’ve dreamed of.

If you’ve bought a ticket for tomorrow’s Euromillions – I wish you all the best.

And do comment on what would be at the top of your bucket list. I’d love to know.

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