Loopdedoo Spinning Loom Kit Review

With Jadyn in secondary school, we get very little time to actually do things like crafting and making – it’s all about homework. How lovely then that we were sent the Loopdeedoo set which forced us to create some bracelets that Jadyn will be giving to her friends.

The Loopdedoo is a spinning loom that helps you make your own bracelets. The kit includes the loom, 18 skeins of thread and instructions. There is also a handy drawer to store your thread and bracelets in.

We struggled a bit to get the instructions right but after a few tries, we mastered the art of working with the Loopdeedoo and Jadyn made some lovely bracelets.


We tried the twist and the  and they both came out really well.

What we liked about it is that it allows us to make some pretty cool bracelets and that we could try out different designs. Since it uses embroidery skeins, you can add to the set by buying more.

The bracelets look trendy and would be ideal for little personalised gifts to give to friends in school or even to put into a party bag.

They are unique as you can change the thickness and the design as well as the colours.

The Loopdedoo is not restricted to making bracelets but you can combine the finished product to make belts or necklaces or even zipper pulls. They would look great on school bags too as a decoration.

Loopdedoo is priced at £19.99 and is available on Amazon.

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