Littlest Pet Shop Playsets – A Review

Littlest Pet Shop toys have always been a big hit in out house. We have the old pets that are magnetic and can stick on the refrigerator and are really cute.

When we received an opportunity to review Littlest Pet Shop sets, we didn’t waste time in saying yet.

We received two sets  – Blythe’s Bedroom and Littlest Pet Shop Style Set

Both the sets come with an amazing number of pieces that help you decorate the shop/bedroom and make it your own.

The Littlest Pet Shop Style set comes with over 135 pieces and 3 pets – Minka Mark, Kitery Banter and Sunil Nevla pets which are really sweet.


Blythe’s Bedroom includes Blythe and Penny Ling and over 95 pieces.


The sets are very easy to set up as the instructions are very clear. Once set up, you can use the easy glide panels to attach the Deco bits and give the set your own personal touch.


The deco bits are little shapes that can be attached to the holes in the panels so you can create patterns or stick them on at random to have each panel look different. I loved these ‘Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil’ deco bits.


As easy as they are to set up, they are that easy to take apart, which means that they are easy to store. This doesn’t mean that they fall apart when being played with as they are quite secure.


You can also stack them vertically or horizontally to create your own Littlest Pet Shop World.


There is a bonus – if you download the app on iOS or Android and scan the little mark on the pet, you can take the pet ‘into’ the app and have a play. This is quite an interesting part of the toys and I have been asked to get the whole set of figures so that they can have more pets to play with. (yeah, right!!)


The colours of the sets are pink and purple which would greatly appeal. I would say that the targeted age range is about right as the set up does require that you follow instructions.


Full marks for quality as one expects from Hasbro.

The sets provide many hours of play as you can rearrange the sets to change the look as often as you like.


I love the attention to detail – the little flowers, the lamps, the pet food.

The Littlest Pet Shop Style set is priced at around £39.99 and Blythe’s Bedroom at about £29.99

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products for review and received a small fee for my time. All ideas and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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