Little Live Pets Snuggles Review

My children are always on about getting a dog. I don’t have anything against pets but I do know that I would not have the time to look after it and they wouldn’t either. Thank goodness that we were sent Snuggles – the puppy from the Little Live Pets range of toys from Character.

The puppy was delivered in packaging that resembled a pet carrier and it also came with a milk bottle.


Now, this puppy is VERY lifelike. It’s cute and floppy and cuddly. It is a good weight and pretty near to what I think a puppy would weigh.

The moment we rubbed it’s head, it started making contented noises and closed it’s eyes.




It makes sucking noises when you feed it the bottle and also burps and farts (as puppies do!)

It moves its head most adorably and when it’s asleep you can see its body move as if it is breathing.

Included is an adoption certificate and it also has a collar with a space to write its name. We think we are going to keep Snuggles as the name but the children have yet to decide whether Snuggles is a girl or a boy.

The puppy cannot stand on all fours but can sit up.



It doesn’t really matter to Aeryn as she carries it around all over and wraps it in a blanket as it’s her baby. She obviously has it in her bed at night.


The puppy is priced at £49.99 and is definitely going to be on Santa’s list this Christmas.

We received the puppy for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 


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